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Lumion 8 CrackLumion 8 Pro is used for designing 3D simulation of building, structure, and environment. It is a professional application for architects and map makers to create 3D effects on architectural view. It allows you to create 3D CAD designs quickly. You are able to view the movies on real-time demand. You can see whatever you want whenever you demand. As well as Lumion 8 is able to create a movie or 3D images of models or an environment in a natural way. Lumion 8 Crack has changed the definition of 3D visualization in more advanced way. You can spare most individual materials that you have clicked to flawlessness, making it a straightforward command to recover them and utilize them once more. This element gives you another probability to reuse materials, having the capacity to spare arrangements of materials.

Lumion 8 Key Features 2018

The absence of Hyperlight:

  • Hyperlight means anything which is faster than the speed of light. There is no hyperlight in Lumion 8.

L23Ambientsound Effects

  • Lumion pro gives a tremendous experience of sound effect which is possible because of its special feature called L23Ambient. Because of this feature, you can enjoy your favorite songs with great sound effect.

Limited to 10 Designs Online

  • In online you are available to get 10 designs of it.

Faster translation of images

  • Lumion setup provides you images which are faster than ever and this rendering is possible because of its technological advancement.
  • It also has a possibility to direct Export for Sketchup documents.
  • It can understand human interface very easily and quickly. So it is user-friendly for everyone.
  • You don’t have to keep yourself logged in or you don’t have to use passwords. But you can remain in private mood while using it.

Heritage sweet tune in MP4

  • Lumion 8 setup produces high heritage tuning which is sweet and sound for your hearings through its MP4 plug INS.
  • With maintaining layout this feature you are able to maintain Project with more than one user.

Redefined 3-D visualizations

It has changed the definition of 3D visualization in more advanced way.

Uploaded Designs:

The uploaded designs will remain online until as your need.


Area Lights and Light Strips

  • Your interiors or exteriors will be covered with lights that go beyond the simple spotlight due to the new area light and light strip options. You can create your own world where daylight will stimulate sunshine coming across your window, warms your room with the subtle lighting of a surface.

Transparency and Translucency for Materials

  • Lumion 8 pro will let you apply transparency to materials which are important for creating curtains. Because by doing so the lighting will stream through the curtains. By installing transparent walls, you can make visible the layout inside your model. Moreover, there is a feature which is named subsurface scattering. This will create a visualization on materials like marble to make a waxy-looking with a translucent surface.


  • Nowadays if you want to look weathered or aged effects, you will be required a professional painter to paint textures by hand. But because of lumion 8, you don’t have to hire a professional one. Now, you can create extraordinary, authentic and aged effects on materials through two or three clicks of the mouse.

Open Street Map

  • Due to this feature, you can pick any location to anywhere on the earth. Lumion 8 pro generates corresponding 3D maps by importing 2D data from the OpenStreetMap database.

Share Images As Well As 360 Degree Panoramas

  • Now you can share images directly via Mylumion alongside 360-degree panoramas through online.

Publish Video Directly to YouTube

  • You don’t need to find around with saving, transferring, and uploading your videos now. Now you just have to log in to your Youtube account and directly upload the finished movie. Now it is so simple to share your design on videos.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP and Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10
  • Mac OS
  • Windows Vista

How to use Lumion 8 Crack Setup?

  • Download and Install Lumion 8 Crack.
  • Run it as administrator Now click on Crack.
  • That’s all Enjoy Full Version.

Final Verdict

Prior to the invention of this lumion, 3D photographic works or structure would need many hours to complete. But after the innovation of this new software, all this become so easy and friendly to use for any purpose. Lumion setup renders your drives in quick execution speed with none outside or inward oversights. You can do your enterprise activities in seconds, does not need any more experience to apply it. In the motion pictures, we watch the distinctive kind of experiences scenes and thought that how they devise that scenes in 360-degree scene choice. You can similarly show the format inward your adaptation by methods for researching it, by means of earnest dividers.

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